Monday, 13 May 2013

My horrible skin!

My skin is horrendous and I'm not beating about the bush at all. Thanks to being a lazy when I was a younger teenager and having a horrendous diet, my skin has suffered. I was also a terrible spot picker.
Thanks to being horrible to my skin and only using cheap baby wipes to clean my skin my face isn't in the best condition at all, its littered with scars, horrid pigmentation and almost invisible spots that don't seem to like any make up. Even with cleansing, moisterising, using a glycolic acid serum on my skin daily and also using a primer and high end foundation my skin is horrible. Its greasy all the time and then dry around the nose and my foundation looks alright for around an hour, then settles in my pores no matter what I do. Sigh.

I've attempted to change my skincare routine to see whether that will change anything at all, but my skin is still being a child and taking a tantrum and refusing to change at all.

When I wake up I always wash my face straight away to remove the oil slick I wake up with, I previously used the No7 Foaming Cleanser, which helped keep spots at bay but didn't help with my pigmentation issues at all. I then used Avon's solutions serum with glycolic acid and then used Origins drink up intensive mask, but only a pea sized amount as its a heavy duty mask and its the only thing that helped with any dryness for a longer time.

Sadly the only thing that seems to be working in my skincare routine is my eye cream, which is the amazing Origins gin zing, its helped my puffy eyes not look so hooded and they look and feel more healthy.

My new revised skincare routine has changed twice, I swapped the No7 foaming cleanser after I watched a video with Caroline Hirrons explain that foaming cleansers were very bad for troublesome skin as it dries it out and causes more problems, so that's gone to the back of the cupboard. It was replaced with Philosophy's purity cleanser. But sadly that didn't seem to do much, however it was better then the No7 cleanser.
Sadly due to the price of the Philosophy cleanser I haven't been able to repurchase the purity cleanser, wahhh!
Although Tesco has BOGOF deal for the new L'Oreal micellar water as its supposed to be a dupe for the ever hyped Bioderma. I've only had the micellar water for less then a week, so its early days yet, but its great for removing make up but not much else.

I've also cut out a lot of sugars from my diet and no long drink fizzy drinks, but it hasn't made any impact yet.
Another one of my problem is my horrible scarring, but I doubt there is some amazing moisturiser or mask that will be able to reduce the pot holes in my face, although I'm tempted to try bio-oil.

What's your skincare routine?

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